Through experience and networking on fast-growing emerging markets, MagForce evolved from global security equipment designer and provider to acknowledged projects developer.

Business partners are prestigious corporate groups, civilian and military administrations, top international institutions, and well known governmental and nongovernmental organizations, all of whom rely on our expertise, our quality management and our lead time orientation focus.

We endeavor to create strategic alliances towards top priority infrastructure projects such as ports, bridges, network piping, oil tankers, social housing programs, power plants, railways, roads, hospitals, airports andmore.

Business units on five continents

To provide close support to our partners, we have established a network of offices worldwide, thus maintaining extensive geographic coverage of our key markets.

A socially responsible group

Operating in a context governed by international standards, MagForce is conscious of important issues such as human rights, labor standards and environmental protection.

Rawmaterial resources and renewable energy

Important player on the commodities market, we provide spot and long term contracts for raw materials from agricultural to ferrous or energetic products. 

We streamline the value chain and link directly producers to buyers. In the proceeds, we have developed a wide range of products related to renewable energies, building a greener future.