Established in 1953, the textile company of the Group’s early days succeeded in gaining and maintaining a top position in this extremely competitive sector, by developing a product range that combined technical expertise and responsiveness with well-researched price positioning.

From a Specialization in Textiles to Specialty Textiles

Specialty textiles intended for professionals in various industries have been one of the MagForce’s key markets since the 1970s. This client base enabled our company to position itself in the sector for highly technical, high value added items, and its products quickly became a market reference in terms of quality.

MagForce, Supplier of Choice to Civilian and Military Administrations

Adapting our textile product range to the needs of civilian and military administrations was an important step along with the creation and development of a substantial sales network abroad, which further promoted our international expansion.

From fire-resistant clothing to ballistic protection to NRBC, the products we offer our clients must be of the highest quality and technical level. To this end, the company’s specialists focus each day on researching new materials and processes that can make the items they are developing safer and more reliable, thus putting our innovation efforts to work for our clients.

Professionalism, expertise and confidentiality are just a few of MagForce’s key qualities, through which we provide attentive service that meets our clients’ quality requirements.